Never Land (2010)

All Children Grow Up... Except One.


Aimee Dent had to grow up fast. She is raising her little brother all on her own. But her life is changed forever when she meets a teenage boy who gives her a taste of what it's like to be a kid again. However, Aimee soon finds out that the boy, Peter, isn't everything he appears to be...or as young. She learns that Peter will never be able to grow up.

Because he's a vampire.

From the Director

What if Peter Pan was a vampire?

J.M. Barrie's classic story, Peter Pan, was one of my favorites as a kid. So, it was natural for me to want to tell my own version. One of the things I liked most about the original story was that Peter was a dark and mysterious character, who had no problem killing if he had to (unlike the Disney rendition). In making "Never Land," my hope was to show that darker side. What would a child be like if he couldn't grow up? What kinds of things would he desire? And in this case, our heroine, Aimee, has had to grow up quick, and really wants nothing more than to be a kid again herself.

Making "Never Land" was a humbling experience for me. We set out with ambitious goals, and went all out to make the film happen. We learned a lot about what we could get away with, and a lot about what limitations there are for young filmmakers with little to no resources. But we were able to push through and stretch those resources into a film that is both professional and entertaining. Our cast and crew did a fantastic job, and I feel very fortunate to have such talent willing to sacrifice of themselves to see my vision come to the screen.

Carlos A. Montoya

The Captain

Bree Anderson


Levi Dylan Martinez


Jack Justice


Johnnie Hector

Bill Dukes

Justin Ramsey

Ed Teynte

Erik J. Bockemeier


Joshua Sallach


Joshua was born into a family of artists and grew up hanging out in animation studios. He has always had interests in media in motion and storytelling and he moved from animation to visual effects and finally rested on narrative, live-action film.

Never Land is Joshua's third short film that he has directed (the others being The Journal of Mr. Willaby (2009), and Running in Place (2007)) The inspiration for this film is, of course, Joshua's favorite childhood book, "Peter and Wendy" by J.M. Barrie. Joshua's smart writing style and propensity to ask "what if" sorts of questions will combine together to make this film truly remarkable.

James Kwan


graduated from the University of New Mexico where he majored in Art Studio with an emphasis in Photography and minored in Media Arts. Since completing his Bachelor of Arts degree in 2006, he has shot a variety of films exploring combinations of animation and live action techniques. In addition to working as a Director of Photography with other filmmakers, James continues to use his experience to create his own work.

Karen A. Harris


Before starting a film career, Karen worked as a project coordinator for the Latin American Institute with the University of New Mexico and the International Boundaries Research Center with the University of Durham, in Durham, England.

Thanks to local producer, Alton Walpole, Director, Jennipher Goodman, and New York Producer, Anthony Bregman, Karen landed her first film job on "The Tao of Steve" as a product placement coordinator and assistant in extras casting. Moving between coordinating and supervising, Karen has worked on a wide variety of projects from low-to-no budget commercials and shorts to high budget feature length films with companies such as Mountainair Films, Warner Bros., Paramount Vantage, Bob Yari Films, This Is That Productions, Echo Lake Productions and Lucasfilm. Karen is honored to have worked with some of today's most talented producers such as; Alton Walpole, Anthony Bregman, Marty Ewing, Jonathan Filley, John Machione, Ed Cathell, Frank Marshall and Kathleen Kennedy. Karen is a member of IATSE Local 480 and the Producer's Guild of America.

Karoline Bota


Karoline (Karrie) Bota spent 20 years working in various management and project management positions for a Fortune 500 company after receiving a B.A in Marketing and an MBA. The growth of the film industry in New Mexico encouraged her to actively pursue her interest in film. She originally trained as a script supervisor and has used that position as an opportunity to learn the ins and outs of filmmaking. This is her third film with Director Joshua Sallach and her second as a producer.

Scott Clark

Production Designer

Scott was born to a Canadian mother and American father and grew up on both sides of the 49th parallel. He received his formal art education in Toronto and Victoria, Canada, and laid the groundwork for becoming an exhibiting expressionist painter. Eventually, a desire to create more movement in his paintings lead him into fine art animation, where he received several awards for the unique quality of his shorts. Scott began storyboarding for other people’s films, which paved the way to Production design. Production design combines everything Scott has learned in the past as an artist, craftsman, and observer and he loves the collaboration required in the art of storytelling, using practical means to create atmosphere, in conjunction with lighting and acting, to bring a story to life.

Gillian East

Costume Designer

has worked as both costumer and hair and makeup for many television shows and films in L.A., and has recently moved to the Albuquerque area. She worked with Joshua on The Journal of Mr. Willaby, and will be heading up both the costuming and the hair/make-up department with several artists working under her.

Adam Durant

First Assistant Director

Adam often facilities projects as producer and has been the first A.D. on several films, including most recently I Was A 7th Grade Dragon Slayer, starring Lea Thompson.

Edward Duran

Stunt Coordinator

Ed has worked as a Stunt Coordinator and Stuntman on numerous major motion pictures and television series, such as Terminator:Salvation, The Book of Eli and the hit series Breaking Bad.

Ian Nesbitt and Jake Gramberg


Ian worked with Joshua to create the sound track for The Journal of Mr. Willaby and the song "Take a Breath." Ian return's with his musical talents, and will brings with him the artist Jake Gramberg, known for his electronic and grudgey styling. Jake recorded and produced the song "Youthfully Immortal" just for this show.